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Free Choice Grain, Is It Possible? January 29, 2010

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I strongly believe that horses can self regulate entirely if given the opportunity, however I’m not yet brave enough to allow free choice grain. I’ve heard success stories, it makes sense to me, but I need some input on this. Anyone know anything about trusting your horses with free grain?


Self Regulating Equine January 28, 2010

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People will never run out of things to sell horse people.  This includes the professionals who so many of us trust.  Sadly, in so many cases, common sense shines not into deep pockets. If  your horse needs endless checkups, various injections, and God help you “experimental treatments”, you might ask yourself, “What was the problem again?”  Chances are you never got anything more than a vague glance, crossed arms, and a complicated spew about how there’s an undetectable lameness that you were lucky to find before the entire horse just came unglued. Clearly this vet has a theory about your checkbook.

It isn’t appealing in the English riding community to allow your horse in public without shoes. It’s not even an option as far as I can tell. My Dutch Warmblood came into my care with a mess of  hoof problems, all caused directly by farriers who had done a little creative marketing and therefore expensive shoeing. The former owners were very proud of the amount of money they spent on his treatment.  Sparing no expense, because at this point they had no idea what to do with the beast and it seemed most attractive to throw money at it.

Well that was four years ago. I let his shoes fall off, I let his feet get ratty, sore, bruised, and I allowed his Navicular changes to do whatever they were going to do. They went away. I don’t have a farrier, I don’t trim his feet, I have only rasped him a handful of times. I let my horses live outside and they take care of it themselves. My ” lame” Warmblood  has the most beautiful, sound hooves you could imagine. They are perfectly shaped, as though freshly trimmed.

Look through the hype people.